Selling FAQ

These helpful suggestions for selling your home will help to ensure you get the highest price for your home:

Know your Market – Research what homes in your area are selling for. Be sure to ask your real estate agent for a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) and sign up for a Free Neighborhood Report .   Knowledge is power and if you know what’s happening in your area, you will be in a better position when it comes to pricing for your home.
Set an Asking Price – Work with your real estate agent to determine the best price for your home. Be careful not to overprice but be sure you have room for negotiation.
Market your Home – Your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties real estate professional has extensive access to marketing materials to help sell your home. Be sure to speak with them to determine the right strategy for a top dollar return on your investment.

M.A.R.S. Short Sale Information:  1. M.A.R.S. Requirements 2. FTC Compliance Guide 3. Department of RE’s Short Sale Negotiator Regulations 4. Arizona Association of Realtors M.A.R.S. Requirements Summary 5. AAR Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (Links to the Mortgage-Assistance-Relief-Services-Rule pdf) 6. NAR New FTC Short Sale Disclosure (Links to the NAR New FTC Rule Requires Short Sale Disclosure doc.)
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties’ M.A.R.S. Discolsure Forms:  1. Advertising Disclosure (Links to the MARS Disclosure Advertising pdf) 2. Consumer Specific Commercial Communication (Links to MARS Disclosure Consumer Specific Commercial Communication pdf) 3. Disclosure Lender Services (Links to MARS Disclosure Lender Servicer pdf)